Faculty, staff, and students at the University of Minnesota have been leading research in a variety of topics related to aquaponics.  Some of these efforts are listed below: 

Proactively addressing food safety risks in Minnesota’s rapidly expanding aquaponics industry

Funding agency: MnDRIVE-Global Food Ventures, 2014-2015
Principal Investigator: Dr. Nick Phelps 

Research projects as part of HORT4601

Principal Investigators: Undergraduate students 

Use of aquaponics as a community development enterprise

Principal Investigators: Students in MDP5002, Research Methods for Sustainable Livelihoods 

Profitability and sustainability assessment of Minnesota’s rapidly expanding aquaponics food industry

Funding agency: MnDRIVE-Global Food Ventures, 2015-2017
Principal Investigator: Dr. Nick Phelps