Spring 2017 Conference Projects


Understanding Cost and Revenue Parameters to Construct a Profitability Model for Aquaponics-Raised Walleye (Sander vitreus) in the Upper Midwest (.pdf)
Tanner Barnharst, Justice Sayers, Matthew Worms

The Effects of Tilapia Fish Feed on Waste Nutrients and Bitterness in Lettuce Cultivars (.pdf)
Hans Butterman, Hannah Peterson, Casey Selle

The Commercial Potential of a Fish and Prawn Polyculture in an Aquaponic System (.pdf)
Andreas Christodoulou, Dan Larson, Avery Sampson

Solving Iron Deficiency with Chelated Iron Applications in Strawberry-Koi Aquaponics Systems (.pdf)
Clinton Curry, Caitlynd Krosch, Ignasi Riera Vila

Prawns and Plants: Developing a System With Two Economically Harvestable Products (.pdf)
Clarisse Randolph, Anna Mutch, Luke Evans

Integrating Sustainable Feeding and Low Cost Water Treatment Alternatives within Aquaponic Systems (.pdf)
Richard Traugott

Determining feasibility of establishing a yellow perch (Perca flavescens) broodstock within an aquaponic system while maintaining cool-season crops (.pdf)
Fred Anderson, Sean Gibbs

Comparing Marketing Potential of Aquaponics in Established MN Restaurants (.pdf)
Jessica Coburn, Isaac Finken


Fish and Plant Health Basics (.pdf)
Alexander E. Primus, Neil O. Anderson

Consumer Willingness to Pay (.pdf)
Gianna Short, Chengyan Yue

Aquaponics Regulation and Biosecurity (.pdf)
Nick Phelps

Aquaponics in the Classroom (.pdf)
Rhiannon Dalrymple

Aquaponics 101: A Primer for Beginners (.pdf)
Alexander E. Primus

Advanced Aquaponics Topics (.pdf)
Paul Venturelli, Neil Anderson